Japanese Bees Destroy Murder Hornet By Roasting It Alive

You may have heard a little bit about the latest thing to worry about in 2020. Y’know, after World War III, a global pandemic and the US government confirming the existence of UFOs. Well now, we now have MURDER HORNETS to contend with.

The two inch terrors (stop laughing) have been found in Washington State after arriving from Asia, with experts warning that several of their stings could be deadly to humans, with the hornets most dangerous during their terrifyingly named ‘slaughter phase’, where they have been known to destroy honeybees before feeding the bodies to their young. Great.

However, the hornets don’t always get their own way when attempting to dismember their prey, as one video that has recently surfaced on Twitter proves.


Seriously, do not f**k with Japanese bees, because they will f**k your s**t up if you step into their backyard thinking you can just start merking them left, right and centre.

This foolish murder hornet tried to see off one bee and is immediately set upon by the entire hive, who proceed to ROAST THE HORNET ALIVE.

F**k Murder Hornets, just make sure we’ve got plenty of Japanese bees around to roast them when they try stepping to anyone.

According to the New York Times, the hornets typically avoid interactions with humans, but still account for up to 50 human fatalities a year in Asia.

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