Is Your Dog A Star? Netflix Is Actively Searching For Dogs To Feature In A Documentary Series

Ever wondered if your dog is cut out for TV work? Well.. if you have..Netflix has announced that it is looking for a number of cute canines who are the ultimate companions to star in the second series of a documentary.

If you’re like me and getting snaps with your dog is one of your favourite things to do and you’ve even gone the extra mine and set up a Facebook and Instagram page for them, this might be what you’ve been looking for without even realising.

Netflix has announced that it is bringing back the popular – if a little unimaginatively titled – Dogs for a second run

The show announced on Twitter:

“Guess what?! Dogs is coming back for another season!

“Tell us your dog story for a chance to potentially be featured in Dogs Season 2! Share your story on Instagram or Twitter with #netflixdogstory and tag @NetflixDogs.”

So basically if you’ve got a dog and many people do.. then you can turn your pup into a STAR! On one condition… you’ve got a heart warming story to tell the world.

Amy Berg and Glen Zipper, the executive producers of the show, released a joint statement stating:

“From the beginning we have said that the joy shown in Dogs helps bring people together and that same feeling will translate more than ever in Season Two.”

They added:

“Dogs offers us the ability to explore some of the most important human stories through relationships with our best friends and it’s been amazing to see how much these episodes have touched audiences and critics across the globe.

“Most importantly, our fans have become part of our extended family and we are honoured to bring them a fresh set of stories that will allow us to connect with them yet again.”

This has obviously made many people of the internet share pics of their pups..

If you want to share your dog story, just upload a photo and explain the story using the hashtag and tag @NetflixDogs in your tweet.


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