Is This A Cat Or A Dog? Pet Causes Huge Confusion On The Internet

This pet is a huge internet star and has got people completely confused. Is it a cat or a dog? I really can’t tell.

The gorgeous yet striking animal sports a terrier-toned coat but dazzling cat-like eyes and people are really struggling to guess what it is.

After being posted on Twitter the photo went viral with people trying to guess what kind of animal it is.

It was revealed that the animal was very much a cat.

This Persian kitten named Atchoum suffers from hyptricosis. It is a rare congenital condition also known as ‘werewolf syndrome’.

Atchoum lives with his loving owner in Quebec, Canada.

He has his own website where people can’t get enough of his quirky photos.

His owner explained:

“We never thought I would become famous so quickly”

Atchoum explains online how he was born in May 2014 and was in fact a gift to a vet in Quebec where his owner Natalie works as a groomer.

It reads:

“She asked the veterinarian if she could adopt me since I was so adorable.

“She agreed and I found my forever home with two humans, two children and three other cats.

“It is a good thing my mom is a groomer because my crazy long hairs on my face are thick like a dog. She doesn’t over groom me, since she likes my mad scientist look!

“She created my Facebook page as a bet with her daughter who thought we would never reach 100 likes!

“We never thought I would become famous so quickly. Atchoum, Atchoum, Atchoum everywhere!”

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