Impawsible? No… Incredible! Teenager Captures Perfect Shot Of His 16 Dachshunds

Dachshunds are a much loved dog on the internet, they’re small, cute and are gorgeous little pups.

This teenager caught this adorable shot with all 16 of his doggies, perfectly lined up in pairs. The poses were amazing too!

The names of the cuties are Saffie, Daisy, Dudley, Wallie, Diamond, Ruby, Benjie, Buster, Bonnie, Ziggy, Sammy, Kizzy, Kiki, Zac, Duke, and Lottie.

They were placed in their positions and their owner told them to ‘stay’.

Liam, their owner, explained:

“My friend Catherine challenged me to try to get all of my lot sat on the stairs for a photo. She said, “I bet you can’t pull it off,” so I thought “challenge accepted”. She also promised me a box of chocolates if I managed it. She set me that task on Friday morning and 10 minutes later, I had the photo. It took me eight minutes in total. I timed myself.”

People couldn’t believe the photo and one person commented:

“Wow, what a brilliant picture! How on earth did you manage it?”

Liam replied:

“just a squeaky ball works wonders.”

He continued:

“It’s amazing the amount of positive reactions I’ve had because sometimes people are judge-y about the amount of dogs I have. But I haven’t had any negative reactions to the picture at all and I’m amazed by how many people love it. It is really lovely to see”

Liam, the 19 year old lives with his parents, 16 dachshunds, and a black Labrador named Jess.

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