Husky Puppy Loves ‘Chilling’ And She’s Not The Only One!

It’s a known fact that huskies absolutely love the cold, especially when it’s hot outside, so when one tiny sled pup was looking for a place to lie down, she naturally picked the coolest spot in the house.

Luna was just 8 weeks old when owner Angela Rodriguez found her curled up in the fridge which obviously meant she had to snap the pup’s strange hang out spot!

Luna’s behaviour may seem odd, but she’s definitely not the only Husky out there to want’s to chill in the fridge!

“I guess my Mishka isn’t the only husky who likes the fridge”

Commented one dog owner.

“It’s a husky thing!”

Wrote another.

Luna eventually outgrew her unusual chill out zone. According to Rodriguez, the husky now hangs out in her ice pool when she wants to get cool.

Check out other huskies who had the same idea!:




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