Husky Haircut GONE WRONG!

It’s safe to say that rescued Siberian husky JoJo is a very handsome pup..

Something happened to him recently at the groomer didn’t get him down in the slightest. He seems like a very half cup full, positive kind of guy.

Hannah Gomez, who owns JoJo where they both live in Texas, noticed that JoJo was shedding quite a lot.

She wanted to make sure he was comfortable, especially with the warming temperatures, and since JoJo was overdue for a haircut so opted for a new groomers.

Hannah explained to the groomer that she was just looking for a trim.

“We said, ‘He needs to be shaved just ENOUGH so he wouldn’t shed as much anymore,'”

Gomez wrote on Twitter.

“They took the shaving part literally.”

When JoJo came back home with his new look, he behaved just as he normally would. He curled up in Gomez’s bed to sleep right next to her, as always.

In the morning, he happily bounced around with his favorite toys, asking Gomez to play.

Finding it amusing Gomez said:

“I think he’s completely oblivious to it!” Gomez told The Dodo. “He’s still the goofy odd dog that I fell in love with.”

And what’s missing will soon grow back.

As you can see from the pictures, Gomez is seeing the positive side of the situation.

“THE SECOND PICTURE,” she tweeted. “I CAN’T.”

If you’ve ever had a terrible haircut, think of JoJo. It’ll grow back!!

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