Husky And Model With Different Coloured Eyes Have Incredible Photo Shoot!

A husky dog with one brown eye and one blue one met a model with exactly the same unique beautiful eyes.

Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne, 47, a photographer from Perth, Australia, was amazed to find the striking genetic mutation, heterochromia in an adorable husky. It lead her to drive 3 hours to shoot with the unique pup.

Melanie Doust, a model, was then asked by Kelly to wear coloured lenses to create the effect of different coloured irises… the photos are truly breathtaking.

Melanie poses with a pack of dogs in pictures inspired by Kiev-based portrait photographer Sergei Sarakhanov.

Amazingly, two of the huskies have heterochromia bu Timba, a two-year-old male Wolfgrey Siberian Husky was the only one who could be in the photo so closely to the model since the other dogs did not have the right temperament.

Kelly recreated the fairytale of Red Riding Hood as well.

Kelly said:

‘Dogs generally can be uncomfortable being hugged so closely, so finding just the right dog with the right temperament and heterochromia was paramount.

‘Fortunately I found a lady called Natalie who owned eight huskies and lived three hours away in the car.

‘I wanted to explore heterochromia and do some photos with a model and dog, but also experimented with them being part of the pack.

‘Additionally I got Melanie to pretend like she was one of the pack – she was really good with it. As well as dog ears that we crafted for her, she even tilted her head at the camera, like the dogs did.

‘The Red Riding Hood photo was a modern take on the old fable. I wanted Melanie to appear as a strong and capable female shepherd to her wolf-like pack, and I think we accomplished this well.’

Melanie said:

‘I’m an avid animal lover, so I wanted to be a part of the shoot. Huskies are such a cuddly breed of dog and are so adorable.

‘As a concept I related to this on a primal level. You’ll more often than not find a female alpha in a wolf pack that has to step in and take charge.’

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