Huskies Make Married Couples Big Day Amazing

Divorce attorney Elizabeth Fields, 48, matched outfits with her three fluffy-tailed Siberian huskies when walking down the aisle at Lutheran Church of the Cross in Laguna Woods one Saturday.

The groom, Tim McVicker, 55, wore a black tuxedo duster whilst holding the leashes of Silvio, Harley and Hagee.

The Huskies looked handsome and smart in theit velvet bow tie collars.

Nine-week old pup Silvia served as ring bearer. Then, decided it was time for a nap.

The wedding as made up mainly of a whole pack of huskies, about 20 in all, with their owners as their ‘plus one’.

The wedding invitation read:

“All huskies welcome to the event.”

Pastor Leland Lantz revealed he was “a bit leery about having dogs in the sanctuary” when the couple asked to be married in the church.

Apparently, the couple initially wanted to be married at Central Bark, the dog park where the couple met, but The city of Irvine turned it down.

Lantz felt that there was no better place for this marriage to happen than in church.

He said:

“After I heard their story, I thought it was appropriate. The dogs are ‘rescue’ dogs – dogs that Tim and Elizabeth rescued. When you hear the story of how the dogs rescued them, it is very compelling.”

Elizabeth Fields first decided to adopt a husky called Kimo in 2004. Kimo’s destructive ways had led his first owner to give him up but elizabeth fell in love with him.

Elizabeth explained why she adopted:

“My father had recently died, and I was just devastated. It was shattering for my family, and for me,”

With her marriage falling apart amid her demanding law career and two unsuccessful in vitro attempts to get pregnant, she revealed:

“I had been a person who was very much in control, and then everything just … broke down around me.”

Kimo was there for her and was soon joined by another rescue, Silvio. T

She added:

“When you’re happy, they’re happy. When you are sad, they’re sad”

“They teach about unconditional love and devotion. And a husky will always protect its owner.”

Big-rig trucker Tim McVicker at the same time was being turned upside down in a divorce. Tim ended up losing custody of the family Chihuahua.

Feeling down, Tim wandered into an animal shelter in Orange. This is where Tim found Shadow, a half wolf and half husky…From that day until the dog died several years later, they were always by each other’s side.

Tim then ended up at Irvine’s Central Bark in February 2008, he had adopted another husky, Harley.

Tim said:

“One thing about huskies, when you enter a dog park they automatically go to each other, being pack animals, so you always find the owner right away”

“I didn’t know they belonged to Liz at first. But when I found out I said ‘Bingo!’”

Immediately it was clear that even though Liz and Tim were very different people, they had one big thing in common, they were both husky freaks.

Tim and Liz come home at night to cook dinner for their dogs. They even designed a “penthouse” in their truck, complete with carpeting and a cooling system for their dogs.

Tim said:

“I don’t call my pack ‘dogs’”

“It’s either ‘pups’ or ‘huskies.’ They are more than dogs.”

Elizabeth adds:

“We’re kind of obsessed,”

“I French kiss my dogs.”

• • •

The couple dated briefly after connecting over the dogs.

This never turned into a serious relationship at the time and the pai drifted back to their separate worlds but always kept in touch.

Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, and says she found comfort in her “pack.”

Tim, a year later, lost a girlfriend who was killed in an accident and his huskies were a huge comfort.

Tim, never forgot Elizabeth.

All this heartache led the pair to reunite and Tim one day rode his motorcycle up to Beverly Hills and sweeped Elizabeth off her feet.

Fast forward to their wedding day..

“We are here to celebrate the love between Elizabeth and Tim. And their dogs.”

The six dogs in the ceremony stood by the feet of the couple with their tails occasionally wagging.

This was the start of a “new family”.

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