Huge Herd Of Elephants Holds Up Traffic In Thailand

Don’t you just hate it when you’re in a rush to get somewhere and traffic gets held up by a herd of 50 elephants crossing the road?

Well that’s what happened in Thailand, last week as a ton of the magnificent beasts calmly went about their business as bystanders and motorists could do nothing but look on in awe.

The event occurred in the Chachoengsao province, as the elephants made their way out of the jungle to cross the highway.

Several police officers arrived on the scene to ensure the animals managed to cross the road safely and soundly, without any injuries occurring to them or people in the vicinity of them.

The herd had also been tracked by wildlife rangers in the area throughout the day, allowing them to successfully block off the road to prevent any accidents.

Pratya Chutipat Sakul was one of the nearby locals who filmed the incredible clip, saying of the event, ”More than 50 wild elephants crossed the highway. They were moving together from one part of the jungle to the other.

”The wildlife officers had been following the elephants for the last few days. When they saw that their path was moving towards the road, they called the police and urgently closed the road.

”Policemen arrived to ensure that the elephants crossed smoothly and there were no accidents. Nobody minds waiting for the elephants, as the most important thing is that they’re safe.”


”The elephants were all so calm and barely noticed the humans. I feel very lucky to have seen such an amazing sight.”

This is one sort of traffic jam we’re absolutely fine with.

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