Horror As Smuggled Tiger Cubs Are Discovered Dead In Vietnam In Back Of Car

A horrific scene has been discovered as Seven dead tiger cubs have been found in the back of a car in Vietnam. It’s believed they were being smuggled by wildlife traffickers.

A man has been arrested un connection with the discovery. His name is Nguyen Huu Huz and the animals were found in his vehicle in a parking lot in Hanoi.

The route he was taking was apparently a famous smuggling route.
He was transporting the animals from Laos into Hanoi.

Another person who goes by the name of Phan Van Vui has also been named as one of the suspects.

Cong An Nhan Dan, a newspaper stated:

“Hue set up a company… which sells building material as a cover for the illegal trading of tigers and wildlife.”

Three men have been arrested and police have previously detained lot’s of others who were linked to the trafficking ring.

It’s a fact that Tigers are sought after in Vietnam as their bones are boiled down and mixed with rice wine to make a traditional medicine. This medicine treats arthritis and promotes strength. Unfortunately, these poor animals are sacrificed for it.

Tiger numbers are declining in huge numbers.

This also happens to orangutans and pangolins who are taken across to various countries in Southeast Asia.

Earlier this week a separate smuggling ring in Singapore were found. Nine tonnes of tusks from around 300 animals were uncovered.

The container was sent over from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

There are fewer than 4,000 wild tigers surviving worldwide, and poaching is drastically minimising this number. More needs to be done to prevent this.

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