Horror As Puppy Is Found Stuffed Inside Purse With His Paws Tied Together!

Around 2 a.m. on Monday morning in London, a woman was passing by when she noticed a red purse hanging from the handle on the front door of a shop.

Obviously confused and concerned, she went over to investigate, and was shocked to find a tiny puppy inside the purse, with his front paws tied together with a hair band.

Radley, the puppy, was stuffed inside the purse with a note that read “found this puppy” as well as a can of dog food.

Amazed and shocked at what she found, the woman contacted the RSPCA for help straight away and the puppy was taken to the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital for immediate medical attention.

Phil Norman, an inspector with the RSPCA, said in a press release:

“Poor little Radley must have been very stressed and frightened being stuffed into that handbag and abandoned in the middle of the night,”

“The hair band would also have caused him some pain and restricted his movement, adding to his distress.”

It’s been revealed that little Radley was only around 8 weeks old at the time and was thankfully in fairly good health despite his ordeal.

The little pop has ben experiencing mild diarrhea since what happened and his condition is being closely monitored.

Norman added:

“There’s absolutely no excuse for leaving a young, vulnerable puppy like this in such awful circumstances and Radley is lucky he wasn’t more seriously injured,”

Everyone at the animal hospital has quickly fallen in love with his adorable face and sweet disposition.

He is a very friendly and playful puppy despite all he’s been through, and loves playing with his toys and all of his new friends while he continues to recover at the hospital.

Unfortunately, Radley will not be available for adoption for a while, as he is still very young and staff at the hospital want to make sure he is completely healthy before he heads off to his forever home.

Veterinary director at the RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital, Caroline Allen, said in a press release:

“He’s now winning over the hearts of all of the staff here,”

“He’s doing really well and is such a cutie. He’s not available for rehoming yet and we’re still running tests and checks on him so he’ll be with us a little longer yet.”

The RSPCA is launching an investigation into how Radley came to be tied up and abandoned in a purse.

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