Horrified Customers Find A Dead RAT By Their Feet At A Costa Coffee Branch In The Bullring Shopping Centre In Birmingham

Having your morning coffee and cake should be a lovely experience. Many people start their day with a cup of the hot stuff and coffee chains are a huge part of everyone’s daily routine.

Where there’s coffee… there are people.. and you’d hope it would stay like that, right?

This coffee trip in particular was a horrific experience for the customer… especially since they had an important meeting at the time of this incident.

A dead rat…yes.. a dead RAT was found on the floor by a horrified customers feet. Not something you want to see or be near…

How could this have gone unnoticed?

Surely before the shopping centre opened everywhere would be deep cleaned to ensure customer safety?

The Bullring Shopping centre in Birmingham is extremely busy at most times and the Costa Coffee Chain situated near the car park rarely has a seat free.

It’s absolutely horrific that a dead animal had gone unnoticed in such a public, busy place where FOOD is served daily.

I mean.. where is the hygiene?

What would you do if you saw a dead rat as you were about too tuck into your breakfast wrap?

These are two things that should never go together.

It is beyond unacceptable for customers to be in such unhygienic conditions.. it’s a huge risk to health.

Restaurants and food stores have been known to have rodent’s roaming freely previously (yuck) but you would think that extra precautions would be taken to prevent customers from finding themselves in these terrible conditions.

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