Horrible Man Sealed His Dog’s Eyes And Mouth Shut With Super Glue Then Went On To Abandon Her

You hear some awful stories about animal cruelty but this one is definitely up their with the most shocking and cruel ones out there.

A Jack Russel Terrier mix was found abandoned in south Wichita, Kansas.

The person who found the dog thought she was dead from being hit by a car but realised he pup was in fact alive but her eyes and mouth were sealed with super glue… what a horrific sight.

The person rushed the helpless pup to the hospital, the doctors at Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital discovered she had been either kicked or punched in the stomach many times.

The doctors were able to remove the glue from her eyes and mouth… The pup was now free from her abusive owners and on the way to recovery.

Glory, the Jack Russel mix, would’ve been so scared and would’ve endured so much pain in her previous owners care.

Amazingly, Glory has since full recovered and is in a safe place.

Her hair has grown back, and she also started playing, eating, and sleeping comfortably.

 Glory also got adopted and has found a forever home.

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