Heartbreaking Moment Huskies Are Left At Dog Park With All Their Toys And The Saddest Note

It’s no surprise that a trip to the dog park is heaven for all dogs, it’s the one thing they look forward to all day. Being able to run around without a leash on, play with other dogs and go home with happy memories.

For two huskies, Jada and Layla, their dog park visit ended very differently and wasn’t the happy visit they were used too.

Manager of Woodward Dog Park in Fresno, California, Mona Ahmed got a phone call. A woman at the dog park had found two huskies there with a heartbreaking revelation.

Ahmed didn’t panic first, she expected that the dogs belonged to someone and the owner would be back to get them. The woman explained she found a box filled with dog food, bowls and toys. There was also a note inside the box.

The note read:

“Our names are Jada (black) and Layla (brown),”

“We are nice 1-year-old dogs. Please don’t split us up. Layla gets scared without her sister.”

After the note was revealed, Ahmed rushed to the dog park as quickly as she could, and she found Layla and Jada wandering around, looking sad and confused.

Ahmed said:

“I started asking people,

‘Does anybody know how long these huskies have been here?’”

“People told me, ‘These huskies were here at 5 o’clock.’ But now it was 8 o’clock. So these huskies have been here for three hours, running in the dog park.”

A visitor at the park offered a crucial bit of information. Ahmed said:

“Somebody said, ‘Yes, I saw a woman leave the huskies behind. She just told us she’s going to the car, and she’ll be right back. So nobody really paid attention to the fact that she was really gone,’”

This isn’t the first time people abandoned dogs at Woodward Dog Park, unfortunately. Ahmed, who has run the dog park for 10 years, said that a whopping 13 other dogs have been abandoned at the park. Leaving her to care for them and sort rehoming them.

Ahmed explained:

“This makes me feel angry,”

“This is not the way you give dogs away. All they had to do was ask for help.”

Rachael Lewis, manager of media and communications for the ASPCA said:

“The most important thing for pet owners to know is that there are many services out there they can take advantage of — all they have to do is contact their local animal shelter”

“Your local shelter can meet with you to learn more about your situation, and then walk you through the different resources that are available to you.”

Ahmed, who also founded Fresno Furry Friends, an organization that offers spay and neuter services, took Jada and Layla into her care, and placed them in a secure foster home.

The huskies hadn’t been spayed or microchipped, so she’s going to make sure this happens before they’re rehomed.

Ahmed added:

“We want to find the right home for the dogs,”

Fortunately, since then the dogs’ new foster mother has fallen in love with them, so they may have already found their home.

Ahmed continued:

“She is very interested in keeping them”

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