Guy Tries To Draw Pictures Of His Dog And It’s Hilarious

Stanley the greyhound was adopted six years ago by his loving family and has always been the goofiest dog around.

He lives a very happy life and absolutely loves playing with his rescued siblings and singing songs with his dad.

If you don’t smile or laugh around Stanley, then something is very wrong!

Stanley’s human dad, Jay Cartner, said:

“Stan does not run; he prances. If you are petting him with both hands, he cries because he would like you to also pet him with your third hand, and maybe also your fourth hand.”

Jay has been drawing and painting for 25 years so he’s had a lot of experience. he sometimes tries to draw his adorable, expressive dogs and Stanley has been a model on a few occasions.. Jay decided to try and recreate some photos of Stanley in the most hilarious way and we can’t get enough of it!

He said:

“I was having a hectic day at work so I drew some very quick, very silly sketches of Stanley to make myself laugh and recenter myself,”

Wow, they’re.. interesting drawings!

People absolutely love Jays drawings even though they are.. very unique. He had no idea that people would love them so much but they have since gone viral since he shared them, so he must be doing something right?!

He added:

“I thought a few people might get a kick out of them, but I never expected them to blow up the way they did”

Stanley is feeling very happy about the drawings doing so well but he won’t get it to to his head.. he vows to carry on being an adorable goofy dog so hopefully we will see even more drawings of him!

Check out more drawings of Stanley on his dad’s Facebook page, Flat Dog Doodles. It’ll make you’re day.

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