Friendly Beluga Whale Rescues Woman’s Phone From The Ocean!

Beluga whales are quite common to come across when out in the ocean, and recently Norwegian fishermen came across a whale that really surprised them and made headlines all over the world.

A friendly beluga whale approached a fishermen’s boat recently, but they noticed something odd about it.

The animal was wearing a harness and they noticed that it had “Equipment St. Petersburg” written on it.

Experts confirmed that neither Norway nor Denmark or Greenland puts these sort of harnesses on beluga whales for research purposes.

The Russian-made harness and unusually friendly behavior of the mammal raised suspicion that the whale was trained by the Russian navy for spying purposes.

Unclear on the reason for the harness, the lovely “Russian spy’ was put under the spotlight again.

This beluga whale is not just friendly, it’s actually very well mannered too.

A couple of days ago, Isa Opdahl was out on the water in the boat when she had a little accident involving her phone.

The young woman put her phone in her pocket but it slipped and went overboard, plunging into the ocean.

When the woman that her phone was gone forever, she noticed kind beluga whale carrying her phone in its mouth.

The lovely whale swam close enough for her to grab the phone while one of her friends captured everything on camera!

Ofcourse, the whale quickly became a viral sensation.

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