Farmers Are Now Using Earmuffs To Protect Their Calves From Frostbite

Farmers are now protecting their calves from frostbite by using the most adorable earmuffs to do so, and they look so so cute.

Frostbite in calves is a huge issue for farmers because the weather is just too extreme for them to withstand the temperatures and frostbite has become an ongoing challenge.

A lot of mature animals can adapt to changing weather but unfortunately, newborn calves are at risk. They just can’t protect themselves from the chilling temperatures.

Farmers have thought of a brilliant and cute way to help their calves survive the cold outdoors.

Twitter User @ThisFarmingMan_ tweeted a photo of his calf wearing adorable pink-colored earmuffs. It’s safe to say the post went viral!

The earmuff trend started at Triple P Farm in Wisconsin by owner Amy Pflugshaupt months before.

Heartbreakingly, there was a fire at this farm which saw the cattle’s barn burned down. Pflugshaupt, thinking of other ways to keep the cattle warm, realized she needed a way to keep her calves’ ears warm with earmuffs.

Plugshaupt tried to use jackets at first but earmuffs worked much better. Plugshaupt eventually contacted her Aunt, Kim Ewers, who runs an embroidery business.

From then on the pair came up with the perfect earmuffs which are also made of water-repellent material. You can get them in pretty, bright colours as well.

At $20 a pair, they weren’t expecting many orders. Apparently, they had five pairs ready ‘just in case.’

Since it was such a success, the pair post out 15-20 earmuffs a week. The start of a great family business.

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