Family Spends Hours Looking For Grandma‘s Lost Dentures, They Finally Find Them In Dog’s MOUTH!

Dogs. The highlight of our day. They make us smile, laugh and they are sooooo cute!

Sometimes, they can be very naughty. But that’s part of why we love them so much isn’t it?

This, however, is next level naughty and oh so funny. This mischievous puppy witnessed his grandma’s fake teeth being pulled out and instantly knew what he wanted to do.

Lima, Luna’s owner, found her in the streets of Brazil and took her home to give her a loving family.

Luna had an amazing bond within no time with grandma so Lima felt safe about leaving the house for a couple of hours during lunchtime.

Normally, this was when grandma would go for her nap.

So when she went for her nap, she took her dentures out and placed them beneath the pillow as she never loses them this way.

Luna, was already thinking up her plan at this point and the mischievous doggy went for it.

Grandma’s teeth had gone missing from beneath the pillow when she’d woken up. No one had a clue where they’d gone. Hours and hours had been spent searching for them.

Once Lima heard what had happened, she looked for Luna immediately, being a tiny bit suspicious.

And there they were, luna had a very big smile.. thanks to her grandma’s teeth!

Luna really didn’t seem guilty at all and found it so funny that everyone was panicking.

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