Ever Wanted To Match Outfits With Your Dog? Well You Can Now!

Dog lovers, we all know that dog’s aren’t just a ‘pet’. They are your best friend, their when you are sad, greet you with excitement every-time you come home and are an all around special animal in your life.

Your little, or big, fury friend is like a member of the family. So maybe you’d be open to this new trend that has recently gone viral.

Why not match with your pooch? Since they are the closest special friend to you and you spend most days with them, it makes sense doesn’t it?

Your dog will bring in the cute factor and it will definitely get people talking about the both of you and how cute… or slightly strange it is that you decided to match with your pet.

These matching jazzy shirts, courtesy of Pablo and Co Boutique, will definitely make heads turn and add an extra strength to the relationship you have with your pooch.

What better way is there to bond?

You can get your hands on these shirts from Etsy. The range includes banana-print, alligator-print, pink toucan-print and green toucan-print shirts.

They cost €45.67 (£41) for the human version and €28.04 (£25.17) for its dog-sized fit.

One thing to take into consideration is they are shipped from Australia, so if you’re not from down under they’ll cost an additional €9.79 (£8.79).

Customers are loving the outfits and rating the brand five stars.

One wrote:

“Love it – gets a good smile on the face of everyone who sees the matching top with the dog” adding that it “fit well – as with everything I purchase was too long for me but the buttons on the front made it super easy to tie up at the front.”

Another said it was her boyfriend’s “best purchase of 2019”, explaining: “My boyfriend purchased matching button ups for him and my dog. […] Love the material and quality of the product. Would highly recommend!”

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