Enormous Hawk Wasp Carries Off Huntsman Spider For Feast In Australia

It’s no secret that Australia is the home to many terrifying creepy crawlies.

The country is best known for its 8-legged friends, and if they can’t kill you with their venom, they are ridiculously big.

But a species of wasp has been spotted in Australia recently eating a huntsman spider.

An Australian Huntsman Spider – Pixabay

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp is a species of spider wasp that specifically preys on and consumes large species of spiders, such as tarantulas.

They are a lot stronger than they look, and they have the natural strength to drag around and kill a spider twice their size.

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp – U.S National Park Service

Their method of capturing their prey is pretty gristly – they basically immobilize their prey by using the body of the spider as a host.

An egg is laid inside the alive spider which then hatches. The larva will then eat the unfortunate spider alive from the inside out, which is when the original wasp will pounce.

A woman in Sydney, Australia, recently came across one of these little critters in action with a huge huntsman spider.

The Hawk Wasp feasting upon a Huntsman Spider – Reddit

This horrifying snap shows a pretty large hawk wasp dragging off a paralyzed huntsman spider back to its den for some pretty intense snacking.

The post has gone viral, and the entire world has been recoiling in horror, with one user commenting, “I think the best part is knowing its all the way in Australia.. and it can’t hurt us here.”

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