Dogs Love Their Human So Much They Won’t Let Her Go To The Bathroom Alone

Meet the most adorable dog family, Riley, Libby, Cali, Murphy and Sophie. They are all different kinds of breeds but absolutely love each-other and their human!

Abby Rose Avery owns these gorgeous pooches and wherever she goes, her dogs are right there at her feet. Even in places she’d rather be alone…

Avery explained:

“They follow me to the bathroom/shower/bath almost constantly”

The whole group love to stare at their mom because they love her so much.

Avery said:

“When mom going to the bathroom is the most beautiful thing you ever saw”

Avery and her group of dogs get a lot of attention together in public, people can’t believe they all go out for a walk together.

Recently, Avery needed to use the restroom when they were all on a hike. She was forced to drag all five dogs into the stall with her — and they were more than happy to join her.

She said:

“They were very well-behaved as they usually are”

“I told them ‘in’ and they all laid down and stared at me lovingly.”

The group of fur babies love it when Mom goes to the bathroom, and being in a public restroom didn’t put them off.

Well.. everyone else in the restroom was a little confused but very entertained.

She added:

“There was a barbecue going on at the park and many people stared, pointed and giggled”

“A woman next to me in the stall said, ‘That’s a lot of feet!’”

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