Dog’s Fur Becomes Matted And Overgrown After Living Under A Bed For Two Years, His Makeover Is Incredible

You know when you read a story that absolutely makes your day and fills you with happiness? Well… this story will do just that for you today.

This poor little pooch suffered 2 years of neglect. Abandoned and all alone.. this seven-year-old furbaby called Lionheart was handed to the Richmond SPCA back in April by his owner…

The small dog had been living under a bed for two years and hardly cared for.

The poor pooch was covered in thick mats, feces, his own urine. This prevented him from eating, drinking and living how he should be. It was a heartbreaking life for him.

Staff who assisted the rescue commented that it was “one of the most shocking cases of neglect” they had ever encountered and Lionheart was hardly recognizable as a dog.

The SPCA were amazing and immediately helped the little pup.
The first thing they had to do before finding out anything about his health was clipping all his fur off which had reached a point of no return.

They explained:

“In order to uncover the dog hidden beneath all this fur, he had to be sedated to be shaved”
The process took a few hours before they could properly see the matted pup.

They revealed:

“Relieved from the weight and discomfort of his matted fur, Lionheart began to show his adorable personality.”

The wonderful Richmond SPCA team literally saved this baby’s life and helped him feel like a normal dog again. Without them.. he would still be in a terrible way.

Now.. Lionheart looks nothing like he did and oozes confidence, happiness and strength. As well as that.. he has a shiny new coat of fur that will never reach the point it did when he lived under the bed.

They concluded:

“We are happy to announce that Lionheart is now in a loving, lasting home. We wish him and his guardian many years of happiness.”

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