Dog Who Spent 2,381 Days At A Shelter Finally Finds A New Family After Losing All Hope!

This is an incredible story of a little stray puppy called Higgins who got adopted in 2011, immediately after he was brought to the shelter.

What he thought would be a new life with a forever home and a loving family turned out to be a life spent chained to the dog house.

One year later he was back in the dog shelter.

The Humane Society of Preble County‘s executive director, Leslie Renner, felt terrible for him. She realized that the previous owners never really cared at all and never tried to look for him.

Years and years went by and there was even people advising Renner to just put Higgins to sleep, but she didn’t give up hope he would find a loving home and didn’t give up on Higgins.

It’s a known fact that it’s very hard for a senior dog to get adopted and after more than 6 years at the shelter, it wasn’t looking good for Higgins.

Unfortunately he wasn’t very sociable with other animals, and that is definitely a problem for most people.

One day, a guy named Brendon Reed showed up at the shelter to take Higgins.

Reed had apparently been looking at Higgins on the shelter’s Facebook page and always wondered why no one adopted him.

Reed got to know about Higgin’s story and immediately felt a connection. Reed just purchased a new house in Xenia and now that he’s all settled, he thought it was time to look for a companion, and Higgins was the right dog for him.

On the pups 2,381st day at the shelter that was the day he finally became the happy dog he deserved to be.

Reed said that Higgins was anxious around him at first, but now he feels completely at home, and enjoys Reed’s backyard and loves to nap on the couch.

Reed works for a felony re-entry organization, and his family also has volunteered and adopted from animal shelters.

The pairs story caught a lot of interest online, especially Higgins.

Maybe it was because of his age, his size, or because of his slightly introverted nature that limited his chances of getting adopted.

Reed knew it was a match made in dog heaven when he finally met Higgins.

He finally found his forever home and even has his own Snapchat handle @higginsdoggo where you can keep up with his daily life.

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