Dog Walks 20 Miles TWICE In 40-Degree Weather To Find Family That Gave Her Up For Adoption

A Dog’s loyalty should never be taken for granted. This dog did everything in her power to get back to the people who sadly gave her up for adoption.

Cathleen is a six-year-old Great Pyrenees mix, her owners moved into a house without a fenced yard, located in Seminole, Oklahoma.

The owners unfortunately had to give Cathleen away to a family that lives in Prague, which is a town that is 20 miles away from Seminole.

Cathleen couldn’t help but miss her family so much and had to do what she could to get back to them.

The brave dog walked all the way from Prague to her old home in Seminole. The weather was freezing cold and with it being a 20 mile journey it wasn’t the easiest of walks. Her effort to be with her family didn’t turn out in her favour they brought her back to Prague.

This didn’t stop Cathleen and again she took the 20-mile walk after a few days.

The new family eventually gave up on her too because of her running away all the time and brought her to the Humane Society.

There is a happy ending though as Cathleen’s story went viral, and she found a family from Texas that decided to adopt her.

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