Dog Unable To Move Due To Extremely Matted Fur Gets An Incredible Life-Saving Transformation

The internet is full of cute dog and cat pictures, funny videos and adorable moments pet owners share with the world. Sometimes, though, we read heart-breaking stories that absolute make us realise that some animals have such a horrendous life and the people that rescue them are true heroes.

Meet Ellie Mae, a dog that was neglected so badly when she was bought to a shelter, the workers didn’t even know what animal she was. Her fur was completely matted, overgrown that it made her unrecognizable.

The Nebraska Humane Society gave Ellie Mae a much needed makeover that most definitely saved her life.

After a gruelling mission to cut off the hair and with some love and attention to this poor pup, she looks incredible.

Check out some of the photos of her amazing transformation:








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