Dog So Stressed By Fireworks Her ‘Eyes Popped’ And She Went Blind

A dog owner has revealed her dog went blind after its eyes popped in terror in reaction to this weeks fireworks.

Margaret Adams, 85, said her Labrador Suzy never took well to Bonfire Night, but one year things went particularly bad.

She explained to the Metro: “We were just sitting and watching television when somebody started letting off fireworks.”

“She always gets very stressed when they start and she tried to climb the walls and go into a dark corner. I didn’t notice anything until the next day when her eyes looked different. So I took her to the vet and she had actually popped a lens in her eye.

“They had to remove the lens from her eye and she now has glaucoma in both of her eyes. She can’t see a thing. She does knock into things and I’ve got to be careful with her.”

Margaret has said she remains “distraught” by the event from four years ago.

She said: “Suzy was given to me by my daughter after my husband died. She was a rock for me. She boosted me something terrible, she was my companion.

“She still is but in a different kind of way. I’m looking after her more than she’s looking after me now.”

Margaret is supporting the campaign to ban fireworks from the public and keep them in the hands of legitimate displays, adding “Even war veterans are suffering. These fireworks are light bombs going off. The poor veterans, it brings it all back to them. It’s not just animals.”

Her story comes in the same week it was revealed another dog suffered a lethal heart attack on Saturday night.

18-week-old Molly, a terrier, was so distressed by the fireworks she sadly passed from the stress. Maybe we should think twice before setting them off in close vicinity of our furry friends.

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