Dog Onesie’s Will Stop Your Pooch Shedding Everywhere

Dog’s bring us joy when no one else can. They love you unconditionally, make you laugh uncontrollably and make you feel warm inside, they are truly a mans best friend.

Although we love these cuddly fur babies to pieces, there is one little issue that comes with having a pup, shedding!

Long haired dogs love to let their fur shed all over the place… okay…. i guess they can’t help it but still, it can be very annoying having to hoover or seep it up constantly.. and sometimes, it just doesn’t seem to go away.

Meet the new ‘Shed Defender’

This onesie for your dog that will stop your pooch from shedding all over the house and keep cleaning down to a minimum.

The Shed Defender is available in a variety of sizes, the onesie may look funny but it actually serves many practical benefits.

The onesie helps contain the majority of your dog’s fur, all you have to do is brush your dog now and then!

It’s gentle pressure helps reduce your dog’s anxiety, helping them to feel calm and relaxed which is another huge bonus. Also, they look really funny AND cute so it’s a win win.

The Shed Defender is a perfect replacement for a medical cone, as it covers hot spots, post-surgery scars meaning they don’t scratch wounds or anything that they shouldn’t.

You can buy one for just £45.08 ($56.57)

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