Dog Locks Owner Out Of Her Own Car!

A woman ended up locked out of her car for around three hours because her pet pug trapped itself inside by locking the doors. HOW FUNNY!

The adorable Pug, who goes by the name of Pete, managed to lock his owner outside the vehicle whilst it was outside her house. This meant that the woman was forced to wait for three hours until the American Automobile Association came to help her get back into the car.

The whole incident was captured and shared by her son, Nick Garcia.

Nick, who lives in San Antonio, Texas, was clearly amused by Pete the Pug.

Tweeting screenshots of texts from his mum:

“So my dog locked my mom out of her car.”

He then followed it up with two photos, one of the cute puppy sitting in the car with no idea what he’s done.

The second was of a frantic text exchange that he had with his mother explaining the situation.

The first text read: “Pete locked me out of my car.”

Panicked, Nick’s mum Monica then said: “Send AAA PLEASE TO OUR HOUSE.”

Eventually someone did call AAA for her and the situation got resolved!

Thousands of people on the Internet managed to get a decent giggle out of their predicament.

More than 420,000 people have ‘liked’ his tweets, 95,000 people have retweeted it, and it has had more than 1,300 comments.

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