DOG Has Perfect Reaction To Couples Pregnancy Announcement!

Pregnancy announcements are exciting and sometimes a little worrying, depending on who it is, whether it’s a shock or not.

Sometimes panic set’s in as us humans have to bury beneath an enthusiastic ‘congratulations’.

Looking shocked and concerned, Reagan a nine-month-old Weimeraner living in Russell, Kentucky, looked straight at the camera with the most confused look, to ask what on earth was going on. Maybe being a big sister is a little daunting?

Her owners Jacob Holbrook and Katie Gillum decided to take a photograph of Katie showing off her baby bump to the dog.

Jacob, owner of Raegan said:

‘Our goal was to get a cute picture of Raegan sitting in front of Katie, while looking at her baby bump.

‘She wanted to post a progress picture of her baby bump, so I was snapping pictures and ended up with these gems instead.

‘We were scrolling through them and both of us instantly burst out laughing and I knew those were going to be the ones I used.

‘We can’t wait to take more progress pictures – hopefully when the news has settled in for Raegan – as we include her in everything we do.

‘Raegan is great with children, so we can’t wait to see her grow up with our little one too!’

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