Dog Gives Birth In Back Of Car Immediately After Being Rescued

Rebecca Lynch was on vacation with her husband in Savannah, Georgia.

She decided to make a quick unplanned stop before returning home, so instead of buying some holiday souvenirs, Lynch decided to bring home something more meaningful.

She said:

“I know that Georgia has a lot of rural, high-kill shelters and I knew I wanted to save the neediest dog from a shelter before I went home”

“I had space in my car and wanted to help.”

After hearing about a young terrier at risk of euthanasia called Lizzy who someone had dumped pregnant at a shelter, Lynch had to go and see her.

She knew she couldn’t let the young dog, who also had a broken leg, suffer anymore.

The couple placed a bed and a blanket in the back seat to make the long drive more comfortable. Lynch also sat next to Lizzy, petting her softly, while her husband drove.

Lynch said:

“I knew she was nervous and scared and I just wanted to comfort her on the ride”

But the couple may have done too good a job of making Lizzy feel safe.

Lynch added:

“About an hour in, she finally relaxed and rubbed her little head into my hand while I pet her”

“Once she felt safe and comfortable, she decided it was time. She started panting and she got restless; I told my husband, ‘I think she’s in labor!’”

In 20 minutes Lizzy give birth to her first puppy in the back of the car. Lynch acted as a midwife and made sure all the babies were safe.

Lizzy had brought three puppies into the world by the time they reached a vet.

“She was a pro!” Lynch said.

“We went straight to the vet and they said everything looked good.”

Lynch added:

“Lizzy had another puppy at the vet, then two more on the car ride home. It was quite an experience and Lizzy was such an awesome little mommy.”

After an eventful ride for all involved, the little family is doing well. Lizzy and her six pups will spend a few more days at the vet before returning to Lynch’s house.

Lizzy realises she’s in a loving home and is very lucky to be where she is and makes sure to show her rescuers that she’s grateful for the second chance.

Lynch said:

“Lizzy is a doll. Bless her heart, with all that she’s been through in her short life, she is so loving and trusting,”

Lynch added:

“She is a gentle and loving soul. Pretty remarkable.”

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