Dog Eats £160 ($208) Of CASH Posted Through Letterbox! Owners End Up With £130 ($169) Vet BILL!

A Dog in Wales called Ozzie has left it’s owners with a hefty bill..

The Labradoodle decided the special letter delivered through the Wrights’ letterbox in Llandudno, North Wales letterbox was addressed just to him.

The letter contained £160 in £20 notes and the nine-year-old crossbreed didn’t hesitate to eat it.

Judith Wright, the owner of Ozzie had to rush the poor pup to Murphy & amp; Co Veterinary Practice, where he was given medicine to make him cough up the cash.

The bright side to the story, if you want to call it that, is that the twenties were returned, but, were largely torn up, semi-digested and slightly brown.

Judith and her husband Neil believe they will be able to salvage four of the notes from the Bank Of England, who reimburse damaged notes when at least half the note is still intact.

Unfortunately the Wrights had to fork out £130 at the vets.

Reported by The Sun, 64-year-old Judith said:

“He has been known to eat other items before but never money.

“Someone owed us money and popped it through the letter box, that’s how Ozzie got hold of it.

“The vet managed to to retrieve the notes along with a plastic money clip – Ozzie had eaten the lot.”

A spokesman for the veterinary practice also said they had never seen a dog eat money before.

The owners didn’t only get back a few notes, Ozzie also coughed up some bits of carrot while he was at the vet’s too. Lovely.

The Wrights are now thinking of getting a cage fitted around their letterbox to prevent this from happening again in the future.

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