Does Your Cat LOVE Bread?

Freshly baked bread is probably the nicest smell on the planet.. it makes you feel warm inside and tastes absolutely delicious!|

Did you know that cats love bread too?

Cat owners have noticed their adorable fur babies can’t resist the taste of a delicious piece of bread. One cat from Russia aggressively fought his owner over a loaf of bread.

Boris has a very strong craving for sourdough.

The taste of yeast will make any cat go wild for it. So if you’ve noticed your cat stealing bread from a cupboard… maybe you should share it from now on!

If you were worried, we can assure you it’s completely healthy for cats to eat bread. The felines are carnivores and don’t require to eat carbohydrates to survive so large amounts of carbohydrates can lead to obesity in cats.

You’re safe if you allow 10-15% of the cat’s daily to be human food. Beware… bread dough side effects is may lead to bloating and other health issues.

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