Dalmatian Breaks The World Record After Giving Birth To 19 Puppy Litter

A Dalmatian mum has achieved the impossible and has amazingly broken the record for the largest litter for her breed with 19 little fur babies.

That must’ve been a very exhausting experience for everyone involved.. the Dalmatian delivered the puppies in Australia last month and it’s no surprise that people are comparing it to Disney’s 101 Dalmatians.

Melissa O’Brien who is a dog breeder, explained that Melody the Dalmatian gained a whopping 15 kilograms during her pregnancy so she was prepared for a bigger than usual litter. Never would she have imagined that there would be as many as 19 little babies.

The pups were born by C-section Melissa revealed, explaining it was like a ‘never ending supply’.

It took a huge team of 8 people to help O’Brien and Melody deliver the puppies.

The furbabies came out white, instead of spotted like their mother.
The puppies develop their spots as they get older..as Cruella de Vil famously found out.

Chris Wolmarans, an experienced vet, assisted the delivery and revealed:

“We knew this was big… Everybody had a puppy they were resuscitating, and cleaning, and dealing with.

“It’s a picture because they’re just white, and you think what’s gone wrong here…But the spots actually only come out, sort of, the week later.”

The litter was made up of ten males and nine females.

Melissa revealed she is naming them after Disney characters in homage to 101 Dalmations.

Names include, Pumbaa from The Lion King, Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Melissa also revealed that this was Melody’s first ever birth and will probably be her last.

She added:

“No more puppies. She’s retired now. She’s had two litters in one, so that’s it for her.”

The puppies have found homes almost instant and on Monday only six were still left for sale.

Strangely, the last record for a Dalmatian litter was also in Australia as Two years ago, Cecilia Langton-Bunker’s dog gave birth to 18 puppies.

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