Cute Little Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling After Being Rescued

Oh my… cuteness overload!!

This seven-week-old puppy, Layla, had been through a terrible ordeal before being rescued. You’d never imagine from her huge smile that she’d been through so much.

This gorgeous pup was discovered running around traffic all by herself in Texas before Beaumont Animal Care thankfully found her.

Obviously, the little pup was very nervous and scared at first but once she’d settled, she was so happy to be rescued and couldn’t wipe the biggest grin off her face.

The smile was a huge ‘thank you’. She was so relieved that Beaumont Animal Care were looking after her.

Veterinary technician Rachel Barron fell in love with Layla and shared the gorgeous puppy on social media.

Barron explained:

“When I began to speak in a baby talk kind of voice she absolutely loved it.

[She] began wagging her tail and then boom, the famous smile. That is when I pulled out my phone to get it on video. It was too cute not to share.”

It wasn’t long before a loving family came along to adopt Layla forever and give her the life she deserved.

It was Nicole Toney and her husband who adopted little Layla and they knew she’d fit in perfectly with their other three rescue dogs and two cats.

Toney said:

“She was shy at first, but you could tell she was so sweet and excited.

It wasn’t long before Layla warmed to her new family, playing with her new dog siblings and cuddling up with her humans.”

Toney added:

“She’s really settling in so well.

She’ll cuddle right next to my husband’s face and fall asleep. She’s such a sweetheart and we noticed she even smiles when she’s asleep.”

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