Curious Deer Looks For Food In A Shop, Then Comes Back Later With Whole Family

Lori Jones works in a gift shop at the Horsetooth Inn and RV Park. Lori had a big surprise at work one day, well.. more than one.

Obviously, where Lori works, it wouldn’t be too unusual to encounter wildlife from time to time, but on this occasion, rather unexpectedly, a doe suddenly entered the store and looked around. The doe was very brave and curious.

Funnily enough, the animal was very interested in the chips and sunglasses sections. It was revealed shortly that the Doe is actually the mother of a family of deer that have been spotted in the area.

When first meeting the doe, Lori held a peanut bar in one hand as bait, and safely escorted the doe outside.

After only 30 minutes, the doe came back with her family of three twin deer and a young buck. Crazy.

Being a little more on the shy side, the younger animals waited at the door while the doe entered the store, all the way to the counter.

Once again, she escorted the deer family outside with a peanut bar. Not a bad surprise on a usual work day!

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