Crows Keep Bringing Presents To Woman Who Is Kind To Them, And It’s Adorable

It was few years ago when Melinda Green, from San Francisco, noticed that crows would sometimes come by her fire escape for a much needed rest.

She decided she quite liked their visit and wanted to welcome them in the best way.

She explained:

“I just started putting out some food on my fire escape when I’d see them”

She didn’t want anything in return, but just to be able to watch the enjoy the food was enough… amazingly, she got a present back for being so kind to them.

A crow dropped by one day and placed an object within her reach.
The object was a piece of crumpled-up foil from the top of a champagne bottle… and the crow thought this was the perfect present so he wanted to give it to Green as a thank you.

She said:

“I was thrilled, of course”

At first, she didn’t think the present was definitely for her, as he could’ve just dropped it, but then she realised the gifts never stopped appearing.

Over time, the crows brought her various presents such as rocks, bones, nuts and even a gummy bear. They were so thankful.

The most recent present was the most unique one yet.

It was a broken-off piece of machinery that looked like shiny treasure to the kind crows.

She added:

“The fact that it really is a gift makes it precious”

Confused at their need to shower her in gifts, she added:

“I suspect it’s similar to young human crushes”

Becoming great friends with the crows, over the years she’s seen them grow up to start families of their own and they’ve bought their families to the fire escape for her to meet them.

She explained:

“I’ve learned just how similar crow families and dynamics are to human families”

“They seem to have long-term relationships and to raise one or two children at a time in nuclear families. The parents are clearly actively teaching their children. They clearly want to show them where the nice lady lives and how to get treats from her.”

How sweet are these lovely creatures?

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