Couple Takes Their Hilarious Dog To Their Pre-Wedding Photoshoot And The Photos Are Amazing

Couples love a pre-wedding photoshoot and this is usually done days or months before the wedding. It’s a cute shoot that shows the bride and groom in different scenarios.. madly in love and excited to start their lives together.

Even after 30 years of marriage, people look back at these sweet photos. It makes the final preparations for the biggest occasion in their lives. Exciting stuff.

This couple from Campo Grande, Brazil, will probably never forget their pre-wedding photoshoot.

The personal pre-wedding photoshoot was hilariously gatecrashed when the couple decided to bring their puppy to the photoshoot.

Thor, who’s only 9 months old, managed to get in every shot and went viral while he was at it, he got 60,000 shares and reached over 6 million people!

Alfredo and Joyce’s wedding is in September of this year and already had a pre-wedding photoshoot in the farm.

Not being able to being Thor to that one, they decides to do another photoshoot, where he could be present.

Their photographer, Nicolas Carrelo said:

“Every photographer wants to drive, set the scenes, but with Thor it was different, he drove, he set the scenes. It was so much fun, we laughed all the time. Of the 1,500 photos taken during the session, I delivered only 80 to the couple”

Nicolas, who is currently celebrating 10 years in the profession explained:

“I did not expect all this success, I am very happy and I can say for sure that Thor made a great contribution in my career”

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