Couple Catch Their Cat Pawing Off Phone Alarm Every Morning

You know when something strange happens and there is absolutely no explanation for it? You just wish a camera had caught the moment it happened so you could stop thinking of different reasons why this ‘thing’ kept happening and if you were just going mad…

This couple had a similar experience with this and eventually had to film their alarm in the morning because, when it came to having to wake them up.. mysteriously, it never made a sound. Strange huh?

Well..it was found out that their cat called Joaquim had been turning off his owner’s alarm in the morning. This lead to confusion and oversleeping.. which is never good because that would mean turning up late for work.

Joaquim’s quick thinking owners had no option but to start filming the phone alarm ringing and vibrating but to their surprise, the sneaky furball ran straight over to the mobile phone and started pawing at the screen to silence it. WOW! Forget turning snooze on yourself..

In the footage the cat jumps up on to the bedside tablet, tampers with the screen until the alarm no longer makes a sound. It’s quite clever for a cat actually.

The footage was caught in the Sao Carlos region of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and two women are heard giggling in shock in the background.

The cat’s owner revealed:

“My companion and I were arriving late to work because the phone alarm wasn’t waking us up.

“Recently, we have discovered that our kitty Joaquim was the one who was turning off the alarm.”

It seems that right now cat’s are not very happy with sleeping owners. They will try almost anything to sabotage a good nights sleep.. or keep you up no matter what.

Did you hear about Lomphonten? Lomphontan and his is a great example of a naughty cat being mischevious at night time.

Lomphonten was fast asleep at night and his cat called Achi wasn’t very happy with this.

This lead to him literally sitting on his owners face. Suffocating him. Basically.

Lomphonten, from Thailand grew suspicious of why he would wake up panting and and gasping for air. He installed a hidden camera and it just so happened to capture Achi making himself comfortable on Lomponten’s face.

He didn’t mind too much.. he thought it was adorable.

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