Check Out This ‘Doggie School Bus’ That Takes Dogs On Outdoor Play Dates!

Arat Montoya has created probably the BEST job role where he doesn’t ever need to have a vacation from.

Some would call this living the dream, surrounded with adroably wagging tails and happy daces, waiting for their big yellow school bus to pull up outside of their house.

Montoya opened Doggie School Bus Inc. in 2016, in in West Linn City, Oregon. The Doggie School Bus became very popular in their area and he found himself with a lot of clients looking to put their dogs in ‘daycare’.

Montoya said:

“I got 16 customers within two weeks. People were going bananas.”

The demand has grown so much for his doggy daycare service that Montoya has had to buy new and larger vehicles to drive the dogs around.

His daily routine consists of showing up at his clients’ houses each morning and picking pups and dogs up in his yellow dog bus.

He drives the excited dogs to a a 5-acre rural property he rented from a friend.

This is where they spend most of the day to play. Montoya charges his clients $30 for a day of his service.

Now, he has more than 300 clients and manages different groups of dogs.

He can accommodate an average of 20 dogs per day, and if they’re well behaved pups, he can increase that to 30.

Montoya says that the best part of doing all this is that he enjoys the company of dogs and that they have fun playing with the other dogs, too.

“I’m the happiest man in the world doing what I’m doing,”

This daycare service in Oregon takes dogs out to play, exercise and socialize.

Arat Montoya has been a dog-lover all his life, and couldn’t see himself doing anything else.

In 2016, Montoya and his wife found out they were going to have a baby, and simple dog-sitting wouldn’t be enough to cover his growing family’s needs.

Montoya created Doggie School Bus Inc., a dog daycare service in West Linn City, Oregon.

For $30 a day, Montoya starts driving to his client’s houses at 7 in the morning to pick up pups excited to go out and play.

The dogs get excited whenever they see the school bus.

The dogs run around and play with the other dogs while Montoya dog-sits them.

He manages an average of 20 dogs each day. All kinds of sizes and dog breeds. On a busy day, the number can reach up to 35.

He knows all of the dogs names and can identify them by their bark.

Although instructing them can take all day, repeating himself constantly, Montoya is the happiest person in the world.

At 2 PM, Montoya drives the happy dogs back home.

The Doggie School Bus has grown and expanded in the past three years, and they now have 300 clients.

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