Check Out The ‘Googly Eyed’ Arabian Sand Boa

An Arabian Sand Boa is really distinctive in the way it looks. Normally snakes come off a little intimidating… they don’t give off cute cuddly vibes, unless you’re a huge fan of the animal. Well, this snake definitely has a different kind of look to your usual snake..

The desert is where sand boas spend most of their time and they adapt very well to the dramatic temperature conditions. The temperature can differ approximately 50 degrees Celsius during the night and day.

They like to have dinner by swallowing small lizards or geckos whole.

The Arabian Sand Boa, unlike the most boas, lays eggs and there are only three other boa species that do that.

During the nighttime, it’s rare for a sand boa to refuse a little adventure.

Sand boa’s eyes draw a lot of attention. They aren’t intimidating and honestly.. their look will make you giggle a little. Oh, and they are harmless. Maybe that’s why they have these funny googly eyes?

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