Cat With Huge Eyes Looks VERY Concerned About Everything

Meet Herman, the cat with HUGE eyes that looks like he’s concerned about everything in life.

Herman was just a kitten when it was revealed that he looked very different from kittens his age. The kitten at the time was a lot smaller than his siblings yet his eyes were huge.

Shirley Nordenskiold, Herman’s human mom, said:

“I quickly realized that he was born special by having a somewhat peculiar look with his very big eyes”

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“He had that certain look of being surprised or scared all the time.”

Even though he looks a little different, he’s very much happy and healthy.

He can’t help it if he looks worried about everything, he’s actually chilled and happy on the inside.

Herman is even an incredibly happy, social cat.

Shirley said:

“Herman is astonishingly social with humans”

“When I move from room to room in my apartment, Herman is always following me around. You are never in doubt when Herman is not getting enough attention. He will either start meowing or tap me lightly with his paws.”

Herman is a bit of a loud cat as well, he grunts when he’s excited and snores loudly when he sleeps.

He’s a huge personality never mind the way he looks.

Herman’s eyes are so HUGE that when he sleeps he always keeps them slightly open. He can’t help it!

Being a very unique cat and knowing it, he’s not worried about his looks putting him off.

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