Carriage Driver Kicks Horse In Head After It Collapsed In Busy Road

Disturbing footage has surfaced this week of an abusive carriage driver kicking a horse in the head after it collapsed in front of appalled onlookers.

Veterinary nurse, Krista Knight, captured the shocking clip, which took place in  Melbourne, Australia, showing the collapsed horse – named Tuesday – get hit repeatedly by the carriage driver, while shouting “Get up, f*cking lazy b*tch.”

But, when horrified onlookers “begged” him to stop the abuse, the man started to lash out at the people around him too.

Credit: Krista Knight / Facebook

Krista posted the disturbing clip to Facebook along with the caption: “Kicking a horse is not okay. There were no negative comments only people trying to help. The carriage driver was abusive to civilians and also this beautiful mare causing her to thrash and bleed from the mouth.”

When Krista pleaded with the driver to stop kicking the exhausted horse, the man said: “Love, I know what I’m doing. Get out of the way.”

Credit: Krista Knight / Facebook

The business’ owner, Dean Crichton, has admitted that while the driver shouldn’t have called the horse a “lazy b*tch,” there was “no malice” in the kick.

“He did not kick that horse with any malice, it was just a nudge like come on get up, like if your mate fell over outside the pub. Wayne lost his cool but it was a very stressful situation with everyone yelling at him. It was out of character for him to use language like that,” Crichton told the MailOnline.

“It would have been better if that vet had put her phone in her pocket and helped, and they would have got the horse up straight away.

“The horse just stumbled, she wasn’t hurt at all she just needed a bit of help to get up. The last time one of our horses stumbled was five years ago, you see more kids fall over in Federation Square in five minutes.”

Tuesday suffered no injuries as a result of the incident and was back at work the following day.

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