‘Britain’s Fattest’ HUSKY Who Loves Pasties Has Been Put On A Diet!

‘Britain’s Fattest Dog’, an Alaskan malamute has been put on a strict diet after eating too many pies and pasties.

George, who is also known as ‘Georgie Porgie’ weighs 70 kilograms and was recently handed over to a Plymouth rescue shelter because his owners couldn’t afford to feed him.

Due to the cost of Georges pastry filled diet, he was taken to Gables Farm in Plymouth as his owners can no longer afford to feed him.

George needs to shed some serious weight if he’s going to get back to his ideal weight. Dropping from 70 to 35 kilograms.

The shelter previously rehabilitated the health of ‘Bopper the Whopper’ and ‘Hattie the Fattie’ before now.

Bopper and Hattie managed to lose a combined 27kg, and Hattie now has a new home.

George is 20kg heavier than Bopper was when he arrived and 30kg heavier than Hattie.

Ruth Pickards, the shelter’s deputy manager, said: “Each time we have an obese animal come into our care we think it is the biggest we will ever see and then along comes an even fatter one.

“It’s just heartbreaking because it is so easy to prevent, but we will build on our previous success and get him slimmed down.

“We are so proud of the work we do here and dogs like Georgie Porgie help to remind us of what it means to be a true non-euthanasia charity.”

Georgie Porgie is now on a strict diet and is exercising to get his weight down. The shelter have also set up a fundraising page in the hope that they can cover his vet bills, which are around £800.

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