Boy’s Slipper Falls Down A Hill, So A Kind Duck Retrieves It For Him

This is probably the sweetest story you’ll read today.

Myla Aguila was walking near her home, when she saw something that was truly beautiful and made her stop in her tracks.

A little boy’s slipper had fallen down a hill and this kind, helpful duck was intelligent enough to bring the slipper back to him.

Myla captured the entire experience on her phone and it’s adorable.

From observing the video, it’s apparent that the boy could’ve retrieved the slipper himself but the duck was determined to help him out and the boy let him.

The hill was definitely a challenge for the duck’s tiny feet.. but that didn’t stop him.

In previous studies, researchers have found that even young ducklings have the ability for thoughts.

Ducks usually outperform supposedly “smarter” animal species in certain aspects. How amazing is that?

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