Boyfriend’s Jealous Rage Made Him Throw Girlfriend’s Cat Down Rubbish Chute Causing Horrific Injuries

Horror as cat is thrown down a seven storey rubbish chute because australian man was jealous of the attention his girlfriend was giving the pet.

Hibala, a two-year-old Ragdoll cat, was horrifically abused by The 21-year-old Sydney resident on two separate occasions while his girlfriend was away and the animal was in his care. Hibala sustained horrible injuries.

The feline was discovered down the refuse chute after his owner noticed that he was missing.

The defendant was spared jail because of an early guilty plea but was ordered to pay a large fine and to fulfil corrective orders as well as a three-month intense corrections.

The cats wounds were so severe, some exposed bone, severe inflammation, and a fractured tail.

Vets who worked on the poor cat had to remove a large portion of his tail to keep him alive.

It didn’t stop there, on a second occasion, the owner requested a picture of Hibala from the man and straight away noticed that he had a bump on his nose. The man refused to take the cat to the vets.

A friend took the cat along to get medical help and more serious injuries were discovered.

Hibala had wounds to his front left paw, as well as fractured bones and facial injuries. He has to spend another six days in hospital being treated.

The magistrate at Downing Centre Local Court told the man:

“I have no idea what to say to a person who places a cat in a garbage chute.

“The early guilty plea is the only thing keeping [the defendant] out of jail.”

A fine of AUD $6,000 (£3,300 / US $4,200) was given to the man as well as a two-year community order with three months of intensive corrections.

He won’t be able to own, buy, or be placed in the care of any animal for 10 years.

The cat is now living with his owner in a different apartment and is finally safe.

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