Bolivian Monastery Adopts Homeless Dog, And He Becomes ‘Friar Mustache’

When he was just a stray pup, little did Carmelo know he would have been adopted by a Franciscan monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and became its cutest member.

After being adopted by the monastery, Carmelo was given the perfect nickname ‘Friar Bigotón’ (Friar Mustache), thanks to his unmistakable furry muzzle, and even got a perfectly fitting tiny Franciscan habit.

Today friar Bigotón spends his days running and playing, and is by far the most beloved member of the monastery.

Here is Carmelo, now best known as ‘Friar Mustache’
he used to live as a stray pup, until he was adopted by a Franciscan Monastery in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
In Catholic tradition, St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals
Now Carmelo is the most beloved member of the monastery
Bolivian rescue group Proyecto Narices Frias  (Cold Nose Project) made this adoption possible
And they now hope that Friar Mustache’s adoption could be only the first adoption performed by a monastery…
… And that more will follow soon. Here is Friar Mustache catechizing the fishes.

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