Blind Raccoon Brings Two Stray Kittens To Human Friend And Saves Their Lives

We love an unlikely friendship on the internet. This one was formed between two different creatures…a partially blind raccoon and a pair of kittens.

The raccoon has visiting Eryn’s backyard for food for years, since 2009 in fact.

His usual time would be around 6 to 9 am for breakfast and he’d also return later in the day for his lunch or dinner.

One day, when the raccoon came for his daily food, he also bought two black kittens with him. All three were out in the back yard waiting for Eryn.

The two stray kittens were desperately in need of food, and the racoon most likely saved their lives. He guided the little fur baby’s all the way to the back yard to help them.

The three of them would always come together every day to fill their stomachs at Eryn’s yard and then go back to the forest. Sadly, a year later, the Racoon died.

Eryn decided to adopt the little kittens who were upset about their friend passing away.

She nursed them back to health and it turned out to be a good decision since Eryn lost both her Mother and 15-year-old cat in a span of less than 2 weeks. The kittens were a huge help in comforting her.

Check out the adorable photos below:






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