Blind Man Is Left In ‘Tears’ When NO ONE Gives Up Their Seat For Him And His Guide Dog On The Train

This story is a heartbreaker…

A blind 37-year-old man was left feeling absolutely devastated and upset when London commuters didn’t give up their seats in a cramped train for him and his guide dog… i mean, what’s wrong with people?

Amit explained:

“People can be so selfish, they pretend they can’t see or hear when I ask if there’s a seat available”

“It’s so humiliating when I struggle to find something to hold onto & keep [my guide dog] safe at the same time, this is when you’ll see a tear running down my face. Life is difficult enough.”

Amit sadly lost his sight 5 years ago after developing keratoconus… he was previously an A&E doctor.

Kika, who is one of only 5% of guide dogs who are trained to take their owners on escalators, looks after Amit everyday and keeps him out of harms way.

He explained:

“Losing my sight was very lonely”

“If I’m traveling by public transport, I’m sometimes like a scared little boy.”

Amit, was left to to stand with his back against the doors while Kika kept slipping as the floor of the train was wet. How could no one see what was going on?

Kika, who has a twitter account, said:

“We walked to the end of the platform in the pouring rain so that we can board the designated disabled section on the @Se_Railway train and even with dad giving me the command ‘find a seat’ not one passenger gave up their seat.”

People couldn’t believe the incident and gave Amit an amazing amount of love and support. He thanked his supporters:

“Thank you all for your kind messages, unfortunately, being ignored when asking for a seat is a daily occurrence for us.”

“One small act of kindness could have turned the situation around completely.”

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