Blind Husky Loves To Improvise When He Can’t Find His Bed!

Remy the husky, who was blessed with beautiful blue eyes, never thought he’d eventually lose the sight in both..

Two years ago, one of his eyes started getting very red and swollen, and the vets couldn’t seem to figure out why. His other eye became infected too so poor Remy became completely blind.

The vet told Remy’s parents that the pressure from his swollen eyes was giving him a constant migraine, and the best thing to do would be to remove his eyes altogether.

Remy was incredibly scared all the time adjusting to being blind.

Remy, with a little help from his family, slowly began to adjust to his new life and is living life in the best way he can and is doing amazingly well.

Christopher Stobie, Remy’s dad said:

“He was pretty terrified and would run into stuff or step off of stuff and just stand there shaking”

“It was super sad, but we worked with him a bunch and now he’s almost too confident. He will just start running off in a certain direction assuming we’re going to stop him if he is going to hit something.”

Remy now has regained all confidence, and has almost no problems getting around anymore. Sometimes things don’t turn out exactly the way he planned, but he always pretends it’s exactly what he meant to do anyway.

Remy, who sometimes has a little bit of trouble locating his bed, we’ll just improvise and sleep in his parents’ suitcase instead.

He has a lot of quirky habits he’s developed since losing his eyes, and his parents love every single one of them.

Stobie said:

“He HAS to sleep on top of stuff,”

“Whether it’s a stuffed animal or a pillow or a suitcase, he always has to climb onto it and step around a bunch, then finally lie down. He’s rarely simple. He likes to look out windows, which we find pretty funny, and a lot of times he’ll go stand in a corner and just stare.”

Remy no longer lets being blind get in the way of living his life, and he loves going on crazy adventures with his family. He hikes and swims without any issues.

He also has a husky sister, Roxie, and two cat siblings. Roxie never tries to help Remy get around though because he does it so well on his own.

When Remy first lost his sight, it seemed like he would never gain his confidence back, but with a little patience and a lot of love, Remy is coping amazingly well.

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