Bears Kept Stealing Honey From This Man’s Bee Farm, So He Decided To Make Them Honey Tasters

It’s no surprise that Bears are crazy for honey and if they want some.. they will get some!

This can be very announcing for beekeepers as the bears are not afraid to raid the beehives and get their paws on some yummy honey.

Sometimes the damages bears cause to bee farms are sometimes worth thousands.

Beekeeper Ibrahim Sedef, tries his best to keep the bears away..

Ibrahim Sedef from Trabzon, Turkey, is an agricultural engineer who works in beekeeping. He’s had a tough time keeping the hungry bears from trashing the hives.

He’s previously tried to secure the hives by putting metal cages around them. He’s also left food out such as bread, fruit, and honey. None of these attempts were too successful, though.

He ended up installing photo trap cameras to track the bears roaming his bee farm. He finally figured out how to deal with his problem.

He set up a table with 4 kinds of honey for the bears to ‘test’…

The bears obviously know what tastes the best… so they now pick the best honey.. without even realising!

Sedef explained they were drawn to the smell of Anzer honey.

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